Book Reviews of Maui Trailblazer: Where to Hike, Snorkel, Paddle, Surf, Drive (Hawaiian Hiking Guides)

Book Review: owning the series

Rating: 5 stars

They fit our comfort zone and after two trips to Maui we still haven’t exhausted all the hiking possibilities. The fact that they’re heavy on sports and leave out the hype is what makes them click for us. They haven’t left out family outings and provide a complete rundown of where it’s safe to swim and snorkel. For beach days, we still find Maui our #1 choice and for stand alone guidebooks, the Maui Trailblazer fills the bill.

We’ve also used their Kauai and Hawaii Big Island books. They have the same layout, same adventure driven menu good deal!


Book Review: the good life

Rating: 5 stars

We’ve found a good guidebook is worth its weight in gold and the Maui Trailblazer by the Sprouts got a thorough testing as we explored the island — sublime listing after listing. Mandatory for preplanning. We reserved our Haleakala primitive cabin weeks ahead. For getting around in the jungle world and waterworld, it bulges with all the good stuff.

Book Review: Maui fun in the great outdoors

Rating: 4 stars

Maui begs to be explored and Trailblazer never ceases to provide hours upon hours of excitement, adventure, and exceptional hiking. No other guide remotely comes close to the detail or precision that trailblazer has in regards to hiking. If you’re the type of individual who yearns to see the great outdoors, the scenery that is often forgotten in paradise, then Trailblazer is a must.

Book Review: Nice Mix, Upfront, Straight Advice + some laughs

Rating: 5 stars

It was a fun visit in February. We sketched out a loose To Do List of hikes that we had heard about on the internet. Then bought the Maui Trailblazer and narrowed down how many we could do in a week.

Their day hikes: Two that made our top ten were the Swinging Bridges (reserve a half of a day) and the Twin Falls (easy) trails. Bamboo forests, waterfalls, the geckos on our bedroom walls, shave ice, and the Nene geese were all new to us.

Go there, it’s paradise and bring the Maui Trailblazer to show the way.

Book Review: Heavy on adventures

Rating: 5 stars

Our vacation started with our usual check in and unpack at our rented Kihei condo. We spent day one at the beach park across the street and pigged out at a luau that night. Day two we found this book on the coffee table and took it up to Haleakala. It was with us constantly for the next six days. One of its greatest assets was its organized content. All activities are numbered and their locations correspond to the same numbers on the section’s map so you never are lost. We could open the book up randomly and instantly find the directions and description of a place to snorkel or hike or bodysurf. They closed the beaches at Makena while we were there and having this guide gave us all our alternatives. We switched across to Baldwin Beach and didn’t miss one day in the water.