Have You Read This Book The Lost Fleet: Relentless Part?

Title: Relentless: The Lost Fleet, Book 5

Author: Jack Campbell

Publish Date: 2009

Publisher: Ace Books

Type: Novel

Genre: Science Fiction

Sub-Genre: Strategy, Armed Conflict, Advanced Weapons, Advanced Technology, Space Empires, Stargates, Hypernet Travel, Diplomacy, Space Travel, Spaceships, Space stations, Holography, Romance, Mythology, Computers

Plot Summary:

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The war between the Alliance and the Syndicate worlds began over 100 years ago, but it is unclear how it began. But what is clear is that Captain John “Black Jack” Geary is a living legend on both sides of the conflict.

Using tactics he learned back before he was hibernating in an escape pod for a century, Captain Geary leads the battle-scarred Alliance fleet from a Syndic controlled system to a system on their way home to Alliance space. But now he has more than just the Syndics to worry about. Somewhere within the fleet are saboteurs, and already entire spaceships have been lost to them.

Entrusted with the remainder of the Alliance fleet after a failed attack against the Syndic home world, Captain Geary is leading the fleet back home to safety, and their own home fleet. With a stolen Syndic hypernet key aboard his flagship, Geary knows the key could change the tide of the war.

And that’s when he found out that another problem had raised its ugly head. An alien race seems to be interested in provoking both sides into becoming more aggressive. And then a Hypernet Gate explodes, wiping out every ship and every planet in the system. Now Geary is wondering how it happened, and just which enemy was responsible.


Captain John “Black Jack” Geary was promoted to the rank of Captain posthumously. Thought to be dead over a century ago in the first major clash between the Syndicate Worlds and the Alliance, Geary was rescued from his sleep hibernation escape pod by the Alliance fleet on its way to the Syndic homeworld to deal a war-ending blow to them.

Badly outnumbered, after a disastrous attack, Captain Geary was left in charge of the remaining fleet by the fleet commander before he went to the Syndics to negotiate for peace. The fleet commander was assassinated.

Through the use of tactics, long since forgotten by both sides, Geary is able to escape encounter after encounter with the Syndic fleet.

And now, the Syndics have sent their reserve fleet to intercept the Alliance warships in an attempt to prevent them from returning to their own space, with a captured hypernet key.

Geary, makes his plans to get home safely, all the while trying to deal with the malcontents within his own fleet that don’t want him to be in command since he isn’t one of them.

But when a starship is destroyed in a deliberate sabotage attack, Geary’s priorities must change temporarily to stop the internal threat.

And that’s when an even worse, more ominous threat reveals itself. An alien race appears to be pushing the two sides of the wars into a “doomsday-like” escalation by destroying one of the hypernet gates and utterly obliterating every ship and planet located in the same system as the gate.

And both sides blame each other…