Story`s Key Moment

We go through the routine in our lives and we understand the routine where to go and what to do and sometimes or take it out of our routine and we need to find we need to we need to deal with that situation we need to cope with it and we need to we need to you know under terms with it and this could be again something good to write it off alright a time when you stood up for something could have been your pressure maybe something happened in school and you say hey you know if this is not right then finally disagreeing could be with a teacher time you guys got a great he didn’t agree with or where there was a new rule that happened at school and he said you know what I don’t think this is right and you stood up for it and maybe when you stood up for it there were a bunch of other people who sent the same thing.

Those are a whole bunch of ideas you know like I said you could incorporate many of those ideas that we went through what was the process of writing we can use pieces of writing in our lesson and you know be able to use something like that tomorrow okay so let’s go back to the structure again let’s look at some examples right i’m going to i’m going to show you another example and don’t worry about how small it is i’m going to show you a larger version once again with the story you give some background information the thesis statement the beginning of the story and then we come to our climax which is the rising you rise up to the top of the story where the key moment happens and you come to the end of the story and then finally there’s a lesson learned from the story I’d like before everybody rest assured i know somebody can’t read that so I’m going to blow this up but we’re going to talk about it all right so this story the background of it it comes from Morocco this is one of my students relate a story about when she was three years old and it’s kind of a sad story but like you said sad stories can teach us a lesson to write.

She was three years old and her mother died during childbirth and was involved in this story was herself and for to tweens systems alright so the thesis data for this I was extremely angry at my sisters for taking my mother away so her twin sisters were born right they came home but mom didn’t come home with so I’ll remember is to crying babies and being told that my mother died so Nyjah better three years old that’s just really hard to deal with that you have two baby sisters but with no mom alright then we have by maksim story it says I felt so such strong aim anger toward those babies right so she’s mom she’s got this feeling that it’s not fair mom was gone and we got these two babies here and she’s like she’s not sure how to trover anger about the whole situation.