The Book of Internet Memes

Book Review: Fun and Amazing

Rating: 5 stars

This book describes the popular trends and influence of funny Internet Memes on our society. For people, who don’t know what is a meme, the author explains this phenomenon: “A meme is a unit of cultural information. They can be any phrase, idea, video, funny image or sound that is transmitted from person to person based on imitation.”

The book is full of old-school memes from Russian Memes (the fast-growing meme website of 2017). “The book of Fucking Hilarious Internet Memes” contains also the best funny articles from Buzzfeed (popular U.S. blog).

Feedbacks by readers:

“So, at first I bought this book just for fun since it looked funny so then I kept on reading it and the end I just laughed. That’s all, just gonna keep on laughing now. “– Matthew Mao

“Bought as a Christmas gift. The book is ok. Full of random “old-school” memes from the early days of memes. Could use an update to make it more modern in its content.”- Tripping Billy